Our Services

Below are some of our professional and repatriation services we offer

  • Full International Repatriation services to and from any country in the world
  • Transfer to our premises from any location nationwide and preparation for the travel home.
  • Embalming (preservation treatment) of the deceased in accordance with airline regulations
  • Viewing of the body in a private chapel of rest before repatriation
  • Chapel for small  memorial service offers the opportunity to reminisce together before the repatriation with faith rituals for all religious denominations
  • Collection of luggage and personal effects during repatriation which are covered with a policy together with the casket or coffin.
  • A coffin or casket suitable for international transportation – visit our showroom for more details. You can click here to view variety of the coffins, caskets and flowers  we have.
  • Complete document service for embassies and consulates in kenya.
  • Translation services for official documents, i.e. death certificates, invoices & reports. We alleviate any language problems often associated with probate when death occurs abroad
  • Foreign Office, Embassy and Consular visits within easy reach of our premises
  • Flight for deceased, clearances and transfer to airport
  • Concierge service for mourners
  • Book of condolence, obituary notices
  • DNA service available